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Automotive, Fleet, and Heavy Duty Equipment. No job to big or to small for the team at WDR. Big trucks to little cars, tracks or wheels, we do it all.

  • Ford, Dodge, GM
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Drivability Issues
  • Routine Maintenance

1. Our Mission

Providing the customer with the best customer experience and driveability out the door!

2. Our Objectives

  • Accurate Diagnostics
  • Fast Turn Around Times
  • Great Pricing

3. Our People

Dedicated team of technicians and office staff deriving of a multitude of backgrounds to cover all aspects of repair work.

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Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience

Here at WDR, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and expectations. Customer service, experience, and dependability all reside on our dedication to perfection and performance.  Meet our team below and check out a cool video of some work being done.

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Meet our team

Justin Wilson Head-shot

Justin Wilson

When I was 18 and about to graduate from high school, there was a choice to be made.  Where was I going in life, so I decided to attend UTI. Never really growing up around cars or trucks it seemed like an odd choice to my parents, but I was determined to go and go I did!  When it was all said and done I had graduated and went to work at a dealership in Marble Falls called Sewel Ford.  After about 4 months there, I moved back to Houston and went to work at Planet Ford in Humble. That’s when it really hit that I wanted to work on diesel trucks. From that point on I was determined, something about diesel really excited me. Over the next 10 years O went from used car inspector to one of the best..if not the best diesel techs in the Houston area.  When the side work became too much to handle I said to myself it’s time to make a move.  Anyone who knew me growing up knows I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Well that was the birth of Prestige Power Stroke. In 2017 it was time to venture out on my own and I opened WDR – Wilson Diesel Repair.  Now I can say I am truly living the dream. But above all I have cherished my God and my family. I have 3 kids and an amazing wife that supports me through all of this. Without God seeing me through this adventure it would have never been possible. To all the Glory Give God!

Michael Abbey

Born and raised in Houston, TX, started working with tools at a young age taking my bicycle apart when I was bored. Eventually started building custom bikes as a teenager which led to me wanting to start learning how to work on vehicles. Worked in independent shops before deciding to go back to school at UTI. Graduated in 2005 with Ford certificates, which got me in the door in Ford dealerships. Worked at Anderson Ford, Lonestar Ford, Friendly Ford and Tommie Vaughn Ford over the next 12 years as a fully certified diesel technician. Then the opportunity rose to go back independent and work with a longtime friend Justin Wilson at his shop Wilson Diesel Repair. I started in August 2017 and it’s been quite the journey seeing the shop grow from my first day until now.

Michael Abbey Head-shot

Michael Weir Head-shot

Michael Weir

Born and raised in Beaumont, TX, graduated from West Brook High School in 2000. Moved to Kannapolis, NC in July 2007. Graduated form UTI with the Ford FACT certification in spring 2009. Moved back to Beaumont in 2010, started working as a diesel technician at Energy County Ford in May 2010. Then in May 2011 started at David Self Ford as a light line technician. Moved to Kinsel Ford as a diesel technician in January 2012.  April 2016 moved to Montgomery, TX and started at Discount Tire as a SS manager. Finally found a “good Job” at Wilson Diesel Repair in October 2017 as a diesel technician. Got married December 29, 2017 to Laura zurNieden, no kids yet!  Loves to golf, fish, and travel. AND is the only Dallas Cowboys fan because the Oilers don’t exist anymore!

Kyle Lemon

Born and raised in Houston, TX, graduated from Kingwood High School. I started turning wrenches in the 90’s, first on my own stuff and friend’s vehicles. I moved onto wrenching on Turbo Buicks and GM’s at Conley’s Performance in Humble. I then moved to Slater’s Mustangs in Humble. In 1996 a friend and I opened a shop in Humble where I started welding and fabricating off road vehicles. Took a break for a few years and went to college at Sam Houston State University before coming back to Humble and performance and fabrication work at a shop. In 2010, I took the opportunity to work on heavy equipment and heavyduty trucks and trailers. I was than given the chance to work at Dresser Rand as a gas compressor mechanic and welder for 4 years.  In 2016, I went back to heavy diesel repair before moving into the diesel performance industry.  Justin Wilson offered me a position at Wilson Diesel Repair in February 2018 and I am doing what I can to help build his company. I look forward to building relationships with our customers and keeping your vehicles safe on the road for years to come. It’s been a long ride and it’s not over yet!

Kyle Lemon Head-shot